Prague Metro – A Tourist Attraction In Its Own Right

Prague Metro station

The Prague metro is convenient, easy to use and the fastest way of getting around Prague. However, it’s not simply just another means of transport. Thanks to the striking designs of several of its stations, the network has also become a tourist attraction in its own right.

prague metro station Mustek

During Communism, the Soviet Union led the way in metro station architecture, and dictator Josef Stalin boasted of the success of the extensive, ornate Moscow metro, considered by many to be the best metro system in the world. In Czechoslovakia, the Communist leadership took a similar pride in the Prague metro, which opened in 1974. While the network in the Czech capital cannot rival its Moscow counterpart, a number of Prague metro stations are definitely worth a look. Very conveniently, almost all of them are centrally located, so you can do some “underground sightseeing” while you travel between the outdoor sights.

Line A, which opened in 1978, has a distinctively futuristic atmosphere. The walls of a number of its stations are clad with square panels with saucer-shaped indentations, such as Můstek and Staroměstská. What’s more, each of these stations has a different colour. For example the panels of Můstek station are yellow, Staroměstská red and Náměstí míru are deep blue.

Mustek Prague metro station

On line B, opened in 1985, look out for Karlovo náměstí, whose walls are adorned with rows of tube-shaped glass. At Anděl, one stop away, you can see a rare feature that survives the Communist period. Called “Moskevská“ (Moscow station) before 1989, it was “twinned“ with Prazhskaya (Prague) station of the Moscow metro. If you access Anděl from the Na Knížecí entrance, you’ll see the words “Moskva“ and “Praha“ in metal letters on a wall beside the escalators. In most cases, such features were removed shortly after Communism fell but this one still remains. Line B will also allow you to go through a glass tubus with a nice view if you go a little bit further from the city center, to the Lužiny station.

Line C, the first metro line which was opened in Prague will make you move around the car a little bit when it is busy. It is so because the platform appears from different sides during the journey. If you go to Vyšehrad by metro, you’ll travel under the motorway that runs along the famous Nusle Bridge, another feat of Communist-era engineering.

Sometimes, you can come across nice funny things in Prague which will brighten up your journey. This is what we once saw  in the metro. Nice, isn’t it?

Prague metro origami decoration

In case you can’t recognise it, it’s a little piece of origami art. You can read more about Prague metro in our articles Trains For Singles in Prague Metro  and Music Daily In Prague Metro. More about public transport in Prague in Public Transport In Prague.

And to end with, here is a little Prague metro plan for you:

Prague metro plan

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