Prague In Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Europe

Prague’s continued popularity was recently confirmed by a recent study by the Prague Information Service, which ranks the Czech capital among the top 5 most successful tourist destinations in Europe. In a list of the most dynamic capitals in 2010, Prague comes an impressive fourth, after London, Paris and Rome, in 2010. In terms of overnight stays, Prague also enjoyed a respectable position, beating leading tourist destinations such as Barcelona, Vienna, Madrid and Amsterdam.

Such unprecedented success is thanks above all due to an excellent marketing campaign that promoted Prague abroad. As a result, in terms of the number of overnight stays, visitors from abroad clearly predominated. Last, year, the tourist industry as a whole enjoyed significant growth. In 2010 the number of overnight stays in Prague amounted to 12,090,367, an increase of 7% when compared to 2009. Although there was a recession in the tourist industry worldwide, Prague continued to be a leading tourist destination.

Prague Castle

The Czech capital successfully lured large numbers of tourists from all over the world, and the Prague Information Service (PIS) played a very important role in this achievement. It did so in a number of ways, including its continuing media campaign, presentations at leading international trade fairs, and a new, theme-based website that was launched in December 2010.

Another aspect of the highly effective PIS campaign included interesting projects such as the launch of special online guides to Prague, which can be found on the PIS website. The guides, including “Prague in a Nutshell“ and “Prague Fit to Your Tastes“ offer visitors practical, up-to-date, tailor-made information. The guides are complemented by a user-friendly map and interactive guide, which help visitors get the most out of their visits.

At the moment, the Prague Information Service is working on producing proposals for increasing tourism in Prague effectively, as well initiatives to show to tourists that the Czech capital always has something to offer everyone, by targeting visitors of all ages and families with children.

This aspect of visitor targeting includes a unique food-related project called “Jak chutná Praha“ (A Taste of Prague). It involves a competition designed to promote a revival of Prague’s forgotten reputation as a culinary centre and an attractive place for gourmets. In addition, the PIS also wants  to attract tourists to districts of Prague that are less well known but no less interesting from a historical and architectural point of view.


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