Prague Food Festival is a three-day celebration of food, with a tradition in the Czech Republic. Under the open sky you will be captivated by the best chefs and sommeliers, food and beverage producers. Visitors will taste local and exotic delicacies from the most interesting restaurants from the publication Maurer’s selection GRAND RESTAURANT. The festival will take place from 27 to 29 May 2011 at Prague Castle in the Royal Gardens area, Ball Room and Queen Anne’s Summer Palace.Come and enjoy an unusual view of Prague Castle and „Deer Moat“.

This year will be held in the Royal Garden, which is a real gem amongst the gardens of Prague Castle. The area can join the Royal Summer Palace entrance from the street or the Powder Bridge. In the garden there is a lot of architectural gems such as the Ball Game room („Míčovna“), a Baroque statue of Night by M.B. Braun, Singing fountain itself and the Royal Summer Palace. Why should this unique culinary show held in these spaces? Perhaps because the founding of the royal gardens and vineyards and because Ferdinand I. planted here cherries, plums, vegetables, spices, but also exotic fruit – oranges, lemons and peaches. Today, fig trees are grown here!


The festival is varied. You can choose from Czech, French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish and Japanese cuisine. For the first time is participating also a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. You can look forward to companies such as Phenix Radisson SAS Hotel, Alcron and La Rotonde, the French Art Nouveau restaurant, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Essensia, Kampa Group, The Augustine Hotel, Monastery or company outside of Prague Mcely, Piano Nobile etc.. There will be a stand of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (AHR), the Association of Chefs and Confectioners and the CzechTourism, where will be presented dishes from the project Taste the Czech Republic.

There will not be missing favorite cooking shows, which this year take place in a historic building of the Ball Room from Friday to Sunday all day. You can look forward to Jiri Stift, Roman Paulus, and Ricardo Lusque. This year news is a cooking show called “Stars of cooking”, where celebrities will be cooking in front of spectators who will then review the best food. At Saturday, May 28 will take place on the main stage with a special gastronomic discussion of Radiožurnál and selected experts.

In the Ball Room will be held at selected times a wine-tasting of wines from around the world and Czech Republic. The Beer Pilsner Urquell, which you can taste during the Prague Food Festival is the Special Master in all three versions – Master Gold, semi-dark and dark. You can also look forward to pouring beer school.

In the Royal garden will also be a special program in bartending school. Visitors will be able to try to mix a drink, accompanied by professional bartenders. There will be also a presentation of Prestige Vodka Stock.

Will quench thirst: Pilsner Urquell, Master Mattoni (soft), Stock Vodka Prestige, a supplier of foreign wine Bacchus, Delonghi Coffee, Spielberg’s wineries, authentic bio-dynamic wines from the group Veltlí

Tickets: Adults 400 CZK (includes 150 CZK entrance + 250 CZK  for 10 Grands / festival cash – basic tasting). Children under 6 are free. Grands can be bought separately.

Ticket price includes free access to a unique exhibition in the Queen Anne’s Summerhouse “Porcelain at Prague Castle, which was organized by Prague Castle Administration (12-18 hours a day).

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