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Cozy cafés in Prague

Even though spring is already knocking on the door and the sun has recently started coming out a little bit more, the days are still quite chilly here in Prague. Today we’d like to show you a few tips on interesting places that you might not have heard of, where you can grab a coffee and get warm before going out to the unfortunately still a little cold weather again.

Artisan Café and Bistrot

•Artisan Café & Bistrot

This is a rather new spot in the very heart of Prague, in Vejvodova street – not far from the Old Town Square or Charles’ Bridge. This place is owned by a lady, who also owns a small chain of little artisan bakery stalls in a several big shopping centres all around Prague. This tiny café has this sort of “old times” vibe and may evoke you your grandgrand parents’ living room. They serve all typicals kinds of coffee, hot chocolate and even mulled wine, which might come in handy in this weather. As for the food, there are a several kinds of cakes and pies you can choose from and they all look rather delicious. So if you’re wandering around in the little lanes of the city’s centre and you don’t know where to go, try this spot. The price range is also more than reasonable.
Vejvodova street, number 1

Cakes in Artisan Café


EMA Espresso Bar

This place is situated near Náměstí Republiky (the Republic Square) – that’s the one with the big shopping centre, Palladium. You might not even expect that a café like this would be in a place like this (we’re talking the not-so-pretty surroundings of Masarykovo Train Station) and that’s why we’d like to point it out to you. EMA hasn’t been here for a long time, but it has quickly become one of the trendiest and most hyped coffee places in Prague – and there’s no wonder. If you’re a real coffee lover and you revel in a good quality preparation of coffee, this is the place for you. They’re open every day apart from Sunday. However, it’s always quite packed and definetely not a quiet place for a private romantic meeting.
Na Florenci street, number 3



Inside EMA espresso bar

•Styl & Interier

This café is quite recently opened and as it’s a little bit sunk between houses of Vodičkova street, not many people have heard of it. That is a shame though, because it’s certainly one of the most charming places to get a coffee in the centre of Prague – moreover, it’s approximately 4 minutes from our appartment in Vodičkova street. You’ll get there through this baroque gate and find yourself in a beautiful Franciscan garden with a pretty summerhouse. Apart from different kinds of coffee, they also serve wine, a number of different types of tea and homemade lemonades. As for the food, that is mostly focused towards french cuisine: quiches, paté or various kinds of cheese and then obviously some cakes or chocolate fondue. As Styl & Interier is also a company offering some interior decor services and an e-shop with home stuff, there is a showroom in the café, where you can also take a look at what they offer.
Vodičkova street, number 35



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