Prague Café Culture – Part II


In the Prague Café Culture article we looked at café life in general in Prague; in this sequel we visit three of the most famous cafés in the Czech capital: Slavia, Louvre and Savoy. No trip to Prague is complete without spending time in a café, and you should try to visit one of these during your stay.

Although open since 1884, the Café Slavia is most associated with the 1920s, the confident years of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Back then, the café was a favourite haunt of artists and writers, including Nobel prize winner Jaroslav Seifert. Dissidents, including Václav Havel, met here during Communism, which, inevitably, was not the best time in the Slavia’s history. After the Velvet Revolution of 1989 it was closed for a while, despite protests from Praguers. It only reopened in 1997, and while some say the refurbished Slavia has lost of its old magic, a visit is still recommended, especially thanks to the stunning views. Try to grab a table by a window with views of Prague Castle.

Café Slavia

One tram stop away from Café Slavia and also on Národni třída is another Prague institution, Café Louvre. Like Slavia, it has a long history, dating back to the turn of the 20th century, and was nationalised under Communism. Today, after renovation the old-fashioned feel is back, with ornate interiors characterised by high ceilings and mirrors. Café Louvre also has a selection of foreign newspapers. As well as a main saloon, the café has a billiard and a separate space for non-smokers.

Café Louvre

Although Café Slavia and Café Louvre may be slightly more well-known, Café Savoy is the smartest of the trio, where you feel the most pampered. Originally opened in 1893 the café has experienced a varied history, including its previous incarnation as a trendy modern outfit with white and orange decor. The café then was turned back into traditional Prague café once again, with marble topped tables and formally dressed staff. The café also features a beautiful Renaissance-style ceiling.

In the third part of this series we’ll look at some of Prague’s less well-known cafés. Meanwhile we wish you a comfortable stay in Prague and if your are looking for a accomodation don’t hesitate to contact our Bohemia Apartments in Prague!

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