Photo Contest 2012 Results – Who Won A Free Stay In Our Apartments?

The year 2012 has gone, but we still have something to announce. The Photo Contest 2012 , that was running whole December and ended at last midnight of the year has its winner!

We received 27 pictures from Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Brazil, Taiwan, Italy, UK, Germany and other countries, all creative and nice, picturing your lives, experiences or thoughts about Prague.

As we set in the rules, the main prize – a FREE STAY in Bohemia Apartments in Prague goes to picture with most unique votes. Only one vote from each IP address for every picture could be counted (you could vote for all pictures once, but not twice for one). No votes after midnight December 31 were valid. With these conditions we had three final photos and one total winner.

And the winner is..!

With 209 valid votes the official winner is Kateřina Venclíková with picture “Meanwhile in Mallorca”. CONGRATULATIONS!

Katerina Venclikova - Meanwhile in Mallorca

Bohemia Apartments Prague Photo Contest 2012 – First place

Main prize is only one, but we would still like to congratulate to second place, Damien W. with picture “Sport au coucher de soleil” who got 154 valid votes.

Sport au coucher de soleil

Bohemia Apartments Prague Photo Contest 2012 – Second place

Third place goes to Erin Fisher and her picture “Unesco World Heritage Train” with 110 valid votes.

Erin Fisher - Unesco World Heritage Train

Bohemia Apartments Prague Photo Contest 2012 – Third place

Many thanks to all of you who joined our Photo Contest or vote and we promise to organize another competition for a FREE STAY soon!


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