Perfect Coffee Shops For Fall In Prague

Fall is the perfect season for chilling in cafés, drinking coffee or cocoa and enjoying all the Prague´s colours and liveliness. Here are few spots we LOVE to spend fall in. Hope you feel very cozy and lovely there. We for sure do!


Super Tramp Coffee

Opatovická 160/18

This is one of the coziest cafés in Prague. Super Tramp Coffee situated close to many of our Bohemia apartments in the city centre is actually perfect all year around. It has very unique outside seating surrounded by beautiful old houses. Now you can still sit outside, just throw a blanket around you and feel as cozy as you have never done before. When it gets too cold, you can sit inside which is not bad at all. Super Tramp Coffee serves you amazing caffeinated drinks – everything from cappuccino to batch brew is amazing. And local desserts are to die for.

Café Letka

Letohradská 44

There are many amazing coffee shops on Letná but Café Letka is next level. It is spacious cozy place with cute interior design and huge windows that let the light in even when it is pretty dark outside. Coffee beans come from Berlin roastery Five Elephant. They serve epic breakfast and during weekend you can enjoy a huge brunch plates with mixture of goodies – fresh bread, fruit, best quality cheese, eggs, jams etc. Sometimes it can get pretty packed with mothers and children so it might get pretty busy and noisy. But very cozy and lovely anyway.


Evening café Souterrain

Bělehradská 142/82

This is such a nice cafe in a cellar where the atmosphere makes you feel all cozy and warmed up. You can sit and talk for ages in Souterrain. Prices are pretty good as well as employees and drinks. People often give compliments to their beer so if you want to get coffee as well as few tap beers this is the winner. Souterrain opens at afternoon hours – usually around 3pm.


Vratislavova 30/8

Hurry up to Čekárna to enjoy proper fall magic in another epic outside seating. Čekárna is famous for its cozy terrace which is surrounded by trees. This café situated on Vyšehrad recently celebrated fourth year anniversary so it is official it is not a newbie on coffee shop scene. It is a place where you get great cup of coffee (beans usually from Prague´s Candy Cane Coffee), huge cup of hot cocoa (delicious like from your grandma) and amazing cakes. Try fresh batch brew with apple vegan bundt cake from Mercy´s bistro. Perfect combination for fall afternoon spent in the coffee garden wrapped in a blanket.

That´s it, our dear readers. We hope you enjoy some of these cafés during colourful fall season. Soon expect to find perfect “winter” cafés here. You know, winter (and Christmas) is coming and we all want that hot coffee and mulled wine…

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