Four Spring Open-air Festivals That Will Enrich Your Stay In Prague

Music, cuisine, culture and performance – during spring, the streets of Prague are becoming living and pulsating. If plan to travel here during May or June, we have selected some upcoming famous open-air festivals to help you find inspiration for making the most of your visit. If you are planning to travel, but haven’t decided about your desired location yet, maybe these events will attract you to visit our capital!

1) Czech Beer Festival

11th – 27th May 2017

Czech Beer Festival is something for cuisine and beverage lovers. If you happen to stay in Prague during the second half of May, definitely don’t miss it!

As the title suggests, the Czech Beer Festival offers mainly various tastes of Czech breweries. However, it’s definitely not only about beer: you can enjoy Czech wines, traditional drafted lemonades or coffee specialities. There will be a cocktail bar in the festival garden, as well. Your taste for food will not be neglected, either; the menu consists of mainly Czech cuisine, and some international street food will be present as well.

To enjoy your beverage and meals in wider context, there will be musical performances and workshops with gastronomic themes.

Czech Beer Festival

Czech Beer Festival is therefore a suitable place to visit either with your family and kids, with your better half or a group of friends. The tickets to the festival consist of the entry fee and the unlimited consumption card. You can buy tickets and reserve seats on

2) Fringe festival

26th May – 3rd June 2017

Fringe Festival will please mainly your eyes and ears. Fringe is a well established international and intercultural festival based in Prague, presenting performance art shows. There are eight festival venues in the city centre of Prague, neither of them too far from our apartments. Here you can enjoy cabaret, comedy, music, spoken word, theatre and other, including kid-friendly, events. The rich program offers very interesting artistic performances, among which you can find also unconventional topics.Family event at Prague Fringe 2017



In case you stay in Prague 28th May in the afternoon, you will have a chance to taste one-minute previews of all the shows offered at this year’s Fringe, to decide which shows you want to attend. This screening is free of charge and takes place in La Loca Music Bar & Lounge. If interested, check the program in advance on

This year, you can buy tickets online in advance, to secure your seats. You can as well buy the tickets on spot right before your desired show; however, they will be subject to availability.

3) Holi open air festival

17th June 2017

Holi Open Air Festival is something for those who like to dance and get lost in music and colors. Holi is an internationally well known feast hapenning in lots of cities in Europe and worldwide.

Originally from India and Nepal, Holi feast celebrates colours, love, compassion, victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring.

One of the contemporary western versions of this feast appears in form of EDM music festival. In Prague, you can attend it 17th June next to Vltava river in kemp Kotva. You can look forward to taste indian cuisine, enjoy the cocktail bar and chill out zone, listen to twelve Czech DJ’s and one exclusive guest from India, and most interestingly, get covered in powder paint every hour thorough the day.

4) United Islands of Prague 2017

22th – 25th June 2017
Every year, the places around Vltava river in the city centre come to life during the open air multi-genre festival United Island of Prague.

This festival happens mainly around Střelecký Ostrov, Žofín, and Kampa. These places are very close to our apartments in the city centre – the only thing you need to do is to get close to the river. Strolling the streets and bridges you will have a chance to hear different genres of music from every corner. The festival is open air, accessible to everyone and is free of charge. Plus, there is a wide accompanying program; family, baby and kid-friendly events, theatre scene, sports activities and much more. Interestingly, you can join Prague tours, both classic and alternative, also free of charge!


And what about other Czech festivals? If you are interested where you can escape from the capital, check out our older article 7 Czech Summer Music Festivals you Can’t Miss – the most famous regular festivals around the Czech Republic are summed up here, including more tips for Prague itself. 

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