The One And Only: Nové Město

The neighbourhood of some of our apartments, Nové Město (New Town) is definitely not lacking good and trendy places to discover. Our faves and places our guests like to visit are here for your pleasure and fun >>>

Places to visit

Wenceslas Square

This one is a classic. The biggest, most beautiful square with a history that is worth knowing is really close to our apartments. We have already written interesting article about “Václavák”, you can check it our here.

Na Příkopě

Na Příkopě is a street under Wenceslas Square and Jindřišská street. Are you a shopaholic? Then this one is for you. There are many stores with everything from underwear to Prague´s souvenirs. You can choose from very posh places to normal ones like H&M, Stradivarius,…There is also Hamleys, really huge toy store you and your kids will love.


Lucerna Palace is a place full of life and services. You can visit local traditional cinema which has an epic atmosphere (way better than multiplexes), buy sweets and coffee or go to the top of the building to get great view. One of the best ones actually. There is also Lucerna Music Bar where many awesome concerts take place. Be sure to check out the agenda of the music bar. Maybe your favourite band is playing there today. Don´t miss out on that!

Jindřišská Tower

Jindřišská Tower was built in the 14th century as part of a church. Since then it has undergone lots of repairs, been destroyed by wars etc. But it survived and now is a place where you can go, see exhibitions or rent it for your private events.


Coffee and drinks

Káva Růžová

How we adore this place! It´s our first stop after arriving to Prague by train. On the street Růžová, just around the corner from Jindřišská, is this espresso bar with one of the best and at the same time cheapest coffee in Prague. Don´t expect to become besties with the baristas, they are not the most talkative guys you have ever met. But if you are there for a “caffeine” business, you will be more than happy to visit this teeny tiny café. And 5 out of 5 Bohemia Apartments guys recommend local cappuccino. Tastes like a cake, feels like a dream.


If you stay in Jindřišská apartments, your coffee place of choice should be definitely this new café. At least once. It´s like 10 seconds away from the apartments. In Spell you can get your daily dose of caffeine before venturing into the city. It is an amazing café and very friendly local staff will be willing to give you as many tips and tricks on Prague as you ask for. If you visit this place and see donuts, don´t hesitate a minute and grab one. They are made in the house by Anička, cute manager of the café, and they are beyond awesome.

Káva Růžová

Mama Coffee

On Vodičkova street, there is a big café called Mama Coffee. It has more branches around Prague, this one being the biggest. They serve good breakfasts and lunches, all kinds of coffee and other drinks. Mama Coffee is also a roastery so if you want a coffee souvenir from Prague, you can tick it off your list here.



Špejle is a concept that will make you happy. There are wooden sticks stuck in the food. You take the food of your choice (like open sandwiches, mini pizzas, lasagne, salads,…) and keep the sticks. Then when you are leaving you pay for the number of sticks you “consumed”. Most dishes have just one stick in them but there are also the bigger ones (like steaks) with two or more sticks.


We´ve been writing about WokIn before here. It´s an Asian fast food where you choose your noodles or rice, then veggies, protein, sauce and toppings. WokIn in Jindřišská is a new brother of the one on Národní třída. It´s bigger and just a few steps away from Bohemia apartments. Our photographer’s fave is a vegetarian combination of rice noodles, peanut sauce, broccoli and peanuts plus fried onions on top. Yummy, not too expensive and quick. Ideal for a busy day in the city!

And that´s it for today, dear readers. Now don´t wait and get to the streets. Amazing places are waiting for you.

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