Myšák, The Old Times Legend of Prague Sweet Shops

Mysak cafe

Today, we would like to tell you about a famous patisserie and café in Prague which is known for both its beautiful First republic interiors and delicate desserts. It was founded in 1904 and it used to be considered a place to be seen in by political, cultural and sport personalities. You will find this little gem in Vodičkova street 31, so go and indulge yourself in the First republic atmosphere!

Mysak patisserie.

František Myšák founded his sweet shop in 1904 and in 1911, it moved into the neo-renaissance building in Vodičkova street 31. In this period, the desserts by this sweet shop were loved by the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk, actresses Ema Destinová, Růžena Naková and an actor Oldřich Nový. Myšák sweet shop has got a few signature desserts, among the most famous ones are the caramel sundae, the caramel cake Myšák and cake Azték.

Mysak Patisserie

In 1922, the building was reconstructed by an engineer Josef Čapek and it was back then when it got its rondocubist facade. Therefore, the building also represents the Czech cubist architecture which is so typical for Prague.  Until 1949, the sweet shop was run by Myšák family but it was nationalised in 1950 under the communist regime.

Mysak cafe Mysak cafe Prague

The interior of Myšák will bring you right into the stylish first republic atmosphere. A beautiful wooden desk dominates the ground floor and is accompanied by a mosaic floor, crystal chandeliers and ceiling paintings. The marble staircase will guide you to impressive first floor where you can enjoy a beautiful view over Vodičkova street.

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