Music Daily In Prague Metro

Station “Můstek” is a transfer station for the metro lines A and B (green and yellow). Every morning, approximately 92 000 people is passing trough this station, and 90% of this people is tired, grumpy or just sad. The Prague Public Transit Company decided that it wouldn’t hurt to lighten their moods a little bit.


Beginning in November 2013, the Prague Public Transit Company placed 18 loud-speakers within the vestibule of Můstek metro station, playing variety of music styles. Classical music, pop music, movie soundtracks… in short, everything you can imagine. The inspiration came from Barcelona, where a similar project has a great success. The Czech project is sponsored by the campaign Ladíme Prahu (Tuning Prague).

Apparently, travellers are more happier and the music is being praised by everyone. The Transit Company plans to play the music in Můstek metro station until spring, and if the online survey shows that people would like the music to continue playing, the project will expand to other metro stations. It’s even being considered that music genres could be different in each station, so for example in the station Staroměstská, which is close to the Rudolfinum music hall, you would be able to listen to classical music.


We think it’s a great idea! Who’s day wouldn’t be brightened if you could dance to your favourite hits on the way to work? And this isn’t the only novelty which the Transit Company has introduced to Prague metro. More on that will come next time. :)

Would you appreciate it if there was a music playing for you in the metro every morning?

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