Meet Quadrio

We have for you just a quick information and a great deal of photos of the new Prague bussiness and shopping centre Quadrio. And why we write about a shopping centre, when there are many others in Prague? Well, firstly, the Quadrio is located right next to our Vladislav City Centre Apartments and the whole area around the apartments have a completely new look.


And secondly, it’s an extraordinary building. It has a platform in the shape of a cloverleaf and a breathtaking 3D facade. The most interesting about it it’s a David Cerny’s (read here Who Is David Cerny?) statue of Franz Kafka, a 10 meters high rotating head, which is located right on a small square in front of the building and you can see it right from the windows of our Vladislav City Centre Apartments. The statue is constantly rotating and changing, also in 3D. We think it’s a really special new place on Národní třída and you should not miss it!

Quadrio From Narodni Trida



Metro B

Around Quadrio

3D Facade

Quadrio From Vladislavova Street

Franz Kafka

Building With Our Apartments


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