May in Our Apartments in Prague

atelier flowers

Let us explain what spring in Prague is like. Every year, we seem to forget how beautiful it gets and we wonder whether it can get any better. Winter is lovely and magical here in Prague, too, but everything gets so fresh, colourful and fragnant with the coming of spring. May is the month of love in Prague. Everything is in blossom and the temperatures are rising. It makes everyone really happy that we can stay out and you can feel the happiness in the air. Go to have a stroll by the river, enjoy a drink there (we recommend blueberry beer on Náplavka) and you will see what we are talking about. We like to let our Prague apartments to soak up the energising atmosphere of May. This way, the spirit of spring Prague will breath on you upon your arrival and it will stay with you during your whole stay. Make sure you check out our available apartments.

apartment tableapartment staircase flower on the table flower and glasses table in an apartmentatelier books in our apartments


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