Look At Prague From Old Town Bridge Tower

You can find old towers among Prague’s greatest tourist attractions, a number of them are located right in the city centre so you can get a great view of Prague. We have decided to take you to Old Town Bridge Tower, at least in photographs, and get you really excited to see the Tower with your own eyes!

Prague From Bridge Tower

This tower is considered to be one of the most beautiful gothic buildings in the whole Europe. It can be found on Křížovnické náměstí and you must pass under it if you want to cross the Charles Bridge. The door inviting visitors inside is quite easy to miss, so keep you eyes wide open.

You will not regret to visit this landmark. On the 1st floor you can pay the entrance fee and from there it’s only up, up, up a spiral stone stairwell. Just before you get all the way to the roof, you’ll come across a long-term exhibition, where you can watch among other things a film about Charles Bridge. But most visitors will only walk through a part of the exhibition, because they can’t wait to see the breathtaking view that appears when they climb the stairs all the way to the top.

Prague Towers

Prague From Bridge Tower

From the gallery it looks almost as if you had Prague resting on the palm of your hand. Because Bridge Tower isn’t as well-known among tourists as other landmarks, it is often nice and quiet there (especially during weekdays), and so the risk the other people ruins your photographs is very low. You can admire the view of Prague for as long as you like – or at least until the wind and frost force you back inside.

If you’d like to be at arm’s reach from this attraction, we recommend booking one of our Charles Bridge apartments, which are really only a few steps away from the Bridge Tower.

The Entrance

Krizovnicke Square

City Of Hundred Spiers

On The Roof

Charles Bridge

On The Charles Bridge

Old Town Bridge Tower

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