5 Local Tips That Help You Keeping Your Healthy Lifestyle in Prague

Sometimes, staying healthy while traveling is a little less easier than it might seem. We are often in rush not to miss our planes or buses, and finding a healthy as well as affordable meal on the airport can be a struggle. Either you are traveling for business or for holidays, you want to treat your body and mind nicely. Staying strong, energetic and in a good mood is essential for exploring the unknown! Are you curious to find heathy meals or natural cosmetics? Bohemia Apartments brings you a few local tips to maintain your healthy life style while traveling to Prague.


1) Dhaba Beas

Just arrived to Prague City centre, looking for a place to eat? Dhaba is a Czech vegetarian foodchain restaurant, inspired by North Indian cuisine. The food is prepared fresh every day, and no eggs, meat or fish are used in production. The restaurant operates on self-service principle; you yourself make your meal and pay for the weight. Among many Dhaba branches in Prague, you can find one right next to our apartments in Vladislavova street. In the early evening (one hour before closing) you can get a significant discount on your meal.Dhaba Beas vegetarian restaurant

Dhaba Beas vegetarian restaurant

2) Country Life

Country Life is already a traditional Czech restaurant and healthy food grocery store. Here you will find anything from farm vegetables and fruits to brown pasta, vegetarian sauces and ready meals such as vege burgers, soups or various types of vegetarian goulash. Sometimes you find even buy eco cleaning products here. In Prague city centre there are two branches in Vodičkova street, and in Melantrichova street right next to the Old Town Square.

Entrance to Country Life restaurant in Vodickova street in Prague

3) Manufaktura

Manufaktura is a Czech brand specializing in natural cosmetics. Here you will find all sort of products from skin and hair care (mentioned on the Dr. William Yates website even), bath products etc. They have special collections such as beer or wine cosmetics. Manufaktura has its own specific design and you can get your products nicely packed right in the shop. Therefore this is a good option to buy original presents from Prague for your family and friends back home.

4) Plevel

If you ever find yourself around Vinohrady or Vršovice, its worth to visit Grebovka park and Krymská street. Among the restaurant and bars there, you will find raw and vegan restaurant Plevel. Plevel in Czech means weeds (unwanted small plants and grass), and, in the context, this name shows that the restaurant cooks only from raw vegetables. The owners like to use natural plants found in Czech lands, that had been traditionally used for cooking in the past. They offer lunch menus and wide range of desserts.

5) Haenke botanical lab

If you like herbs and plants in general, and you are interested in living healthy lifestyle, Haenke botanical lab is a place to visit. They offer workshops and general education on medical use of herbs and plants.



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