Letni Letna – International Festival Of Circus And Theatre

Each year, at the time of the last fortnight in August, the usually deserted and sleepy spot in the Letná park, near Prague Castle, flares up with the magical atmosphere of contemporary circus and theatre. All this – and much more – is Letní Letná, a worldwide contemporary circus and theatre festival. In 2010, in the seventh year, the festival’s unique mood and atmosphere attracted over 23,000 visitors in two weeks.

Metronome at Letná in Prague

Many adults come to enjoy a hearty laugh under the circus tents, excited, touched and ravished by the performances of the best European contemporary circus and theatre ensembles. Children persuade their parents to let them see several of the countless fairy-tales, children’s shows and art events, never wishing to go home at the end of the day. To be frankly, most adults feel the same, despite all the ‘It’s time we went’ remarks – everybody enjoys a good rest on a lawn, a glass of barley pop with their friends or a chat in the festival café, listening to live music. It is so easy and addictive.

Crowds of visitors, and a great many reports, favourable reviews and other positive feedback in the media clearly show that Letní Letná is an important theatre event – not only for Prague but for the whole Czech Republic. Letní Letná has seen more than 90 shows in two weeks – up to five children’s shows per day, adult performances in the evenings, festival workshops for kids, circus skills and art workshops, concerts, discussions, free performances – you name it, you’ll find it. Letní Letná is a place where people meet to put themselves in a positive mood and return home, sparkling with magical and unforgettable experiences.

The festival takes places every summer. 

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