Walk In Letná Park

Since current autumn weather absolutely screams for walks and trips, we’ll look at one of the most beautiful places we got in Prague in today’s article. And that is nothing other than Letná park, which you can find basically in the center of Prague, all it takes is a few steps from Old Town Square and you’ll find yourselves under the mountain of stairs, leading up to one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Prague. Its magic works during both day and night, hot and cold, in every season, simply all the time!

podletnou1 podletnou2

Even the way alone will electrify you, because of the panoramas when crossing the river, they are truly perfect! And especially now, autumn leaves falling down in shades of orange and crimson, what a cool time!

podletnou3 zeschodu1 zeschodu2

On your way up the stairs we recommend to take several breaks and just to look around the amazing scenery. You’ll need the breaks anyway, unless you’re very fit.


When you’ll finally stand on the top of those diabolical stairs, you’ll find yourself near well known Red Pendulum.


And the best thing you can do here is to take a seat, give yourself a little bit of me-time, and just watch the Prague itself, laying in front of you. Perfect relax, just few steps from the very center of the city, but you still feel so far away from all the rush.

vyhled2 restaurace

If you’ll get hungry during your trip, you can visit one of the restaurants right in the park or one of the stylish cafes nearby. We wrote about some of them in one of our last articles 3 Ideal Brunch Places in Prague.

vyhled3 park

When you’ll fully satisfy yourself with the views, we recommend going through the whole park and gain so much peace and serenity from the place, before going back to that crazy world of the city.

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