Kolbenka Flea Market: Where To Get Everything From Iron To Vegan Sausages

Are you a fan of flea markets? And what about bargains? Authentic experiences sound good as well? Yes, yes and yes? Than Kolbenka flea market, situated in Prague 9 – Vysočany, is the one place you should not miss before you leave Prague. Find out more…

What is it all about? 

Kolbenka flea market is covering over 460 m2 near tram and bus station U Elektry. We did make a huge basic mistake by travelling by subway and get out at Kolbenova stop. After that Google told us flea markets are about 38 minutes away by walk. Learn from our mistakes and travel to U Elektry, it’s very close from that place. Or go by car if you can…

There is a big parking lot where you can stay if you pay a charge. It pays off if you know you are on a hunt for some new furniture (or not but you know you can’t resist a good bargain on a vintage chair or a big lamp.)

You pay, you get…

You have to pay a fee when you enter flea market´s premises. It is 20 CZK for an adult. By paying that you agree with conditions of market, e. g. not taking pics for commercial use, giving your dog a mouthpiece, not to sell your stuff there etc.


What can you leave Kolbenka with? Absolutely everything. Fridge, batteries, (analog) camera, antique treasures, paintings, T-shirt, pillow, chairs, cheap foods, vases and way more. Prices differ from seller to seller.  We bought a beautiful retro vase for only 80 CZK, the seller close to our chosen one wanted for a similar piece for around 200 CZK. Some pieces are a true bargain but count on the fact that you will probably meet sellers wanting to get the most but who are willing to negotiate about the prices.

The sooner the better

Kolbenka is opened every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 to 14:00. We arrived around 8:00 and there were already tons of people. Market is really huge so don’t be afraid you will feel like at crowdy Wenceslas Square. But anyway we strongly recommend you to come as early as possible. The saying “The sooner the better” is 100% true for Kolbenka market. If you hesitate between Saturday and Sunday, Saturday is the winner. Second day is way worse when it comes to the quality and quantity of goods. Also, some of the sellers start to pack up around 12pm so it is better to make sure you have enough time to discover all the treasures. Believe us.  

At the end we want to prepare you for a very strong and very specific atmosphere. It’s not the most cleanest and peaceful place. But it is a living, vivid market with strong buzz where you can get pretty unique souvenirs if you try and have a bit of luck. The refreshment possibilities are vast so go ahead and grab a beer or a hot sausage from the food trucks whenever you need a break. Enjoy and have a successful (shopping) trip.

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