Kampa – A Treasure Of Prague Old Town

Charles Bridge is a must see in Prague and an unforgettable sight, but the picturesque peninsula under the bridge, called Kampa, is also well worth a visit. Many visitors only see it from the bridge, as they head to the Castle, but Kampa is one of the most atmospheric and photogenic corners of old Prague, and it looks particularly beautiful in the spring.

The Devil’s Stream

Steps from Charles Bridge lead to Na Kampě, an attractive tree-lined space lined by colourful restored historic buildings. Hroznova, the first street on your right, leads to the watermill you can see from Charles Bridge. Kampa is almost cut off from the Lesser Quarter by the narrow, picturesque stream called Čertovka (the Devil’s Stream”) or “Prague Venice”. If you keep walking after the bridge at the mill, you‘ll soon come to the “John Lennon Wall“, which features a painting of the famous musician, surrounded by graffiti.

John Lennon Wall

During the 1980s, young people painted Lennon’s image on the wall in defiance of the Communist authorities, and slogans and The Beatles’ lyrics were written around it. The Communists had the wall painted over, but Lennon’s face and the slogans reappeared. These days, the wall is given a new coat of paint from time to time, after which a new Lennon and graffiti reappear again.

If you retrace your steps back to Na Kampě, you can continue to the small park, which offers great views of the Old Town and Charles Bridge. Just a few steps on is Museum Kampa, housed in a recently restored mill. The museum, which opened a few years ago, contains the modern art collection of Czech émigrés Jan and Meda Mladek. It focuses on Czech modern art, and hosts regular temporary exhibitions. Check our previous article Kampa Museum Prague Virtual Tour.

Museum Kampa

After the museum, you could continue exploring Kampa, return to the Lesser Quarter, or simply watch life go by at the riverside.


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