John Lennon Wall In Prague

Every 8th december the world is remembering John Lennon’s death. Bohemia Apartments Prague also remains this tragedy. Read about the John Lennon’s wall in Prague which is visited every year by many domestic and foreign admirers and fans and which became a famous Prague tourist attraction. If you also belong to John Lennon fans, visit Kampa, light the candle, place flower or just quietly think back.


John Lennon is considered as the man who significantly influenced the musical, political and social events with his music and life in the 60s, 70s and 80s of the last century. From his childhood he was interested in music and he followed very purposefully his dream to play and sing. At first as a member of the Beatles, and later himself. In 1969 he composed a song Give Peace A Chance, which has been declared the national anthem against the war in Vietnam. With his second wife, Japanese artist Yoko Ono he begins to fight for world peace. Publicly committed to left-wing views and showed their pacifist thinking. John Lennon made several solo albums. The end was tragic and the 8th December at its forty years, John Lennon was shot dead.

john lennon wall

His death has also affected the people of Prague. A few days after his death, someone painted his portrait  on the wall of the monastery on the Kampa Island. Soon there appeared the first flowers and candles. This was a sort of symbolic grave of J. Lennon. On the wall with the original name the Wailing Wall began to grow drawings, messages, quotes and song lyrics.

The former Communists considered it a provocation and tried to remove these expressions of sympathy. First, they rubbed the wall and when it did not help they covered it by boards. Even this was not enough. The wall found its place in Czech history. It was recently named Lennon’s Wall and became a popular tourist attraction. In 2003, it was visited even by Yoko Ono.

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