Is Avatar Going To Be The Next Czech President?

Most of you, during your visit in Bohemia Apartments in Prague, go to see Prague Castle, where the Czech president lives. So you may be interested in who you can meet there very soon. There is 9 presidential candidates at this moment and we are going to introduce you the most controversial one.

On 11th and 12th January, presidential election will be held in the Czech Republic. Since the revolution in 1989, it is the first direct election of the head of the state. But eternally humorously tuned Czechs have not facilitated themselves the decision of who to vote very much. Now they have to choose from the most controversial candidates of all times.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Jokes about Czech presidential elections are spreading all around the world and the results are obviously going to be a big surprise. Each candidate is very different in terms of policies, political opinions and personal profiles. Foreign origins, radical christian opinions, heavily tattooed music composer, democratic and social candidates, eurosceptics and supporters. This spectrum gives to Czech people the option to choose who is going to lead their country for the next 5 years. Or maybe makes them even more confused?

The most controversial candidate is heavily tattooed Vladimir Franz, unofficially called “Avatar” or “Smurf”. Franz is an artist and music composer with a doctoral degree in a law. In pre-election polls he had surprisingly high number of preferences and it is possible he is going to be a president with the most controversial look in the world. Of all times.


Do you think the image and appearance is important in case of a presidential candidate?

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