How To Recognize A True Praguer?

Czechs look upon the inhabitants of our capital city with disrespect and often with mockery, too. But the truth is that most of them long to live in this city, that is the very heart of the Czech Republic. Prague has its character, and so do its inhabitants, the Praguers. And how can you recognize a true Praguer?

Prague Castle

It seems that Praguers speak differently than the rest of the country. Of course, you’ll find dozens of different dialects and accents all over the Czech Republic; the most well known are dialects from Brno, Olomouc or Pilsen . But Praguers “sing”, apparently – they consistently lengthen words which have a rising intonation, so that to other Czechs it really does sound as if they are singing. Additionally, Praguers hardly ever speak the codified version of Czech in everyday interactions.

Generally speaking, Praguers are not very popular with other Czechs – apparently they’re stuck up. And by the same token, inhabitants of Prague aren’t too keen on people from the rest of the country. All it takes is for you to get a little confused by the Metro, and the Praguers will call you a hillbilly, with metaphorical hay sticking out of your boots.

While most of the Czech Republic begins working at 6 or 7am, Praguers like to sleep in and rarely start work before 9am. And if there’s one thing a Praguer hates more than early mornings, its queues. A Praguer would probably angrily leave a long queue rather than having to wait. On the other hand, Prague’s inhabitants love food. In all its forms. In the past few years they’ve been literally obsessed with it. Small town squares and the embankment Náplavka are occupied by farmers’ markets every day, because Prague has been taken over by bio and seasonal products. Praguers adore choosing the right food, finding the best restaurants and other culinary hobbies.

Prague’s inhabitants have always been taught not to chase after trams and women. You can bet that if you see someone chasing a tram or the metro, it won’t be a Praguer. Praguers have their dignity and will wait for the next train. Praguers are also much more active and fierce than other Czechs – they wouldn’t hesitate to take control of a situation and are never passive.


It is often said about Praguers that they are stuck-up and impatient, and on top of that they’re said to be excessively proud of their city and its beautiful landmarks, even though they do their best to ignore Charles Bridge all year long and your chances of meeting a Praguer there are very slim indeed. If you want to blend in with Prague’s inhabitants, we recommend that you ride the metro a couple of stations away from the centre; try Anděl, Karlín, or Florenc.

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