How To Prepare For A St. Patrick’s Day Party In Your Apartment

This Sunday, the 17th of March is the St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest celebration of green color and Irish people in the world (check our previous article St. Patrick’s Day in Prague). Do you have your plans for Staurday night already and want to have a lot of fun? Here you have some tips on how to prepare your St. Patrick’s Day party in your apartment, before going out.

1. Relax and take an Irish coffee ;-)

Irish coffee makes you relaxed and it is a good starter for the next steps.

2. Decorate your pet

Don’t forget to dress your pet since everyone wants to be a part of the fun.


3. Prepare a St. Patrick’s Day table

Surprise your friends with your decoration skills and creativity.


4. Dress your party clothing in St. Patrick’s Day style

Every detail of your dress makes you the queen (or king) of the party ;-)


5. Make a green drink for your friends

With the help of you can prepare a tasty welcome drink!


6. Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day party with your friends

Someone is ringing the bell downstairs the apartment? Your friends are here!

Important Info:

If you are staying in someone’s apartment, please don’t forget to behave well since you are on the visit and the owner of the apartment will not be happy to see the apartment in bad condition after your stay.

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