How To Enjoy Charles Bridge At Its Best

Every great city in the world can be identified by a single landmark. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona the Sagrada Família – and Prague the Charles Bridge.

This symbol of Prague is very special for so many reasons, especially its amazing visual impact against the backdrop of the Old Town or Prague Castle/the Lesser Quarter. And how many other capital cities can boast two beautiful historic quarters linked by one of the worlds most beautiful bridges?

Charles Bridge


The set of 31 statues complementing the Charles Bridge is another reason, as is its intriguing history going back to the Middle Ages. And if you are interested in legends, you will come across many involving Charles Bridge.


Naturally, the Charles Bridge is a Must See, which makes it very busy, although interestingly, crowds are not a new problem: until the 19th century, the bridge was the only way to cross the River Vltava in Prague.

To truly appreciate the Charles Bridge, you should try to visit when it is still relatively quiet. It looks wonderful in the first light of a brilliant summer morning, so it is worth getting up early for this amazing experience. And even if you do not want a dawn start, the long summer days enable you to see Charles Bridge before it becomes busy.

Charles Bridge

Of course, an evening visit, after the stallholders have justify, and the bridge towers and other monuments are floodlit, is magical too. The ideal time varies, depending on the season, but in winter, vendors tend to finish around late afternoon; in the high season, Charles Bridge can still be busy with visitors and stallholders much later on.

Prague, Charles Bridge


Despite this, clear summer evenings on the bridge are unforgettable, as are frosty, cloud-free winter evenings when the stars are out and the historic buildings shine against a deep blue background.

Even if you only have a very short time in Prague, you must cross Charles Bridge at least once – truly an experience you will never forget! And as our Prague apartments are centrally located, you are in an ideal position to see Charles Bridge at its best.

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