How To Book Prague Apartment – Step By Step

Hello travelers! Today we have prepared a step by step tutorial on how to book a stay with our Prague apartments rental services.

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If you want a detailed explanation of searching for an apartment in Prague on our website, please read our recent post How To Look For Available Apartment In Prague, but it is very easy – just go to our website and in the pink tab you see on the picture bellow choose your dates, number of guests, price and location and click “SEARCH NOW” or choose category of apartments you need.

How To Do Booking of Prague Apartment - Step 1

Now you can choose from a selection of apartments that are available for the dates you have set. On this page you can see the name of the apartment, it’s location, size, number of persons to accommodate, summary of guest reviews and the price.

If you are satisfied with what you see, go to book now. To be sure that apartment you want to book is really right for you, click on its name for more details.

How To Do Booking of Prague Apartment - Step 2

Details about your Prague apartment are very important. This section offers a full description, list of amenities, more pictures and a floor map or a map of the apartment location (use map on the top). There is also a street view, which could be very useful to be familiar with the location on your arrival.

Don’t forget to read the house rules! It will give you very important information about the check-in, check-out, additional fees, cancellation policies, rules for staying with pets and kids.

How To Do Booking of Prague Apartment - Step 3

If you still have any questions about your Prague apartment, don’t hesitate to contact our Prague apartment rentals services by email or phone. We will respond as soon as possible. When you feel you know everything you need, you are ready to click on BOOK NOW!

How To Do Booking of Prague Apartment - Step 4

In this phase always double check the date of your check-in and check-out,  number of guests and price. Then fill in details about you.

Your booking is almost finished, the last thing missing is securing of your booking. You have three options:

  1. Preauthorize credit card  – just fill in your card details and pay on your check-in.
  2. Pay the first night – by credit card or PayPal, the rest of your stay you pay at the check-in by credit card or by cash.
  3. Pay entire stay – by credit card or PayPal.

How To Do Booking of Prague Apartment - Step 5

We hope this tutorial was useful and has answered all your questions about booking process you might have. If any issue occurs or in case of any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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