How Prague Lit Up With Signal Festival

A week ago Prague hosted another year of the Signal Festival of Light. So you say you haven’t heard of it yet? It’s the biggest light show in the Czech Republic; a unique event to which everyone has free entry and which takes place all over Prague, always after dark.

Signal Festival Of Lights

The historical centre of the city suddenly becomes a huge gallery of lights. Ultramodern large format video mapping projections, some of which leave you breathless for their sheer beauty appear on the facades of ancient buildings. Visitors can admire or sometimes even try out interactive light installations. The vast majority of these installations have never been seen before and Prague is their world premiere. They are designed to bedazzle the inhabitants of Prague as well as its tourists and visitors.

Who set out to discover the beauty of this year’s Signal Festival? We couldn’t possibly miss out on that experience! We took a “brief” walk through Old Town Square and Jan Palach’s Square, and also Charles Bridge and Uhelný trh and it was worth it. What’s more, we got to see the opening of the entire festival on Old Town Square where one of the most gorgeous video mappings took place right on Palace of Kinskych.

Now you can sit back and enjoy some of the photographs we captured for you at the festival. Let us know whether you liked the festival as much as we did. Or let us know whether you’d be interested in going to see it next year!

Before The Show Started

The First Lights Of The Show



The End Of The Show

Jan Palach's Square

Jan Palach's Square

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