Hipster’s Guide To Prague

No matter what anyone says, hipsters make the world go ‘round and although most people have an ironic understanding of the label, the hipster subculture brings us a lot of great things. Homemade lemonades and cakes in cafés, the renovation of old and beautiful things, really awesome music and even those chequered shirts are looking pretty good – and that’s just to name a few. The highest concentration of hipsters can be found in large cities such as London or Berlin, but Prague has some too. Join us in taking a look at the most hipster parts of Prague.

1) Bistro zahrada – www.bistro-zahrada.cz/en

Let’s start with a café, of course. Bistro zahrada is not far from Náměstí Míru and we recommend that you try out their fluffy cheesecake and homemade lemonade. If you’re lucky and the weather’s good, nothing beats sitting outside on their terrace with a hot cappuccino. This is a high-quality, fair-trade café with a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff.

Bistro Zahrada

2) Rekola – www.rekola.cz

After the hipsters of Prague have their breakfast in Bistro zahrada, they’re likely to hop on their Rekolo. What is a Rekolo? A unique Czech project where old retro bicycles are collected, painted pink and placed around Prague. All you have to do is download an app online, pay an initial fee and then you can happily ride your Rekolo bike all over Prague for 3 hours.


3) Kuráž (Courage) – www.kuraz.cz/en/

Our typical hipster will ride his Rekolo to Kuráž, a shop where people treat themselves to various diaries, comic books, beanies, jewellery, handbags, belts, clothing, shopping bags and wellington boots. All of these items are original, designed by Czech and Slovakian designers. And they don’t have a problem with making anything you like to order.


4) Prazelenina (Pre Vegetables) – http://prazelenina.cz/

Just before lunch our hipster will go to Prazelenina and water his tomatoes. As you well know, not every home in Prague has its own garden, and so in Prazelenina you can rent your own bag of earth and grow tomatoes, pumpkins, turnips and other delicacies. If you don’t have time to water them every day, the “troops” will step in and gladly take care of your veggies for you.


5) Twenty7 – www.twenty7.cz

Where to go for lunch? To the Twenty7 bistro in Holešovice! What awaits you here is a perfect minimalistic design and a menu that will have your mouth watering. Based on our personal experience we can promise you that you can’t go wrong with a beef hot dog and there’s not a word you can say against their tagliatelle. You will not regret coming to eat here.


6) The National Theatre’s Piazzeta

After a nourishing lunch the typical Prague hipster climbs onto his Rekolo and goes on a ride along the embankment Smetanovo nábřeží (and right past our Charles Bridge apartments, by the way!) and takes a stop at the piazzeta at the National Theatre. This lovely area between the National Theatre and the New Stage is known for the alternative events which take place there. Happenings, installations, theatre performances, circuses, workshops. The most popular event of all is the Dyzajn Market, which presents the designer pieces by Czech Republics most famous designers and takes place here several times a year.

7) Impact Hub – www.hubpraha.cz/en/

Our hipster can’t just wander around Prague all day – he has to work, too! And the most appropriate place for a hipster to work? If not in a café, then it’s definitely got to be Prague’s Impact Hub! This inspiring meeting place hosts a variety of events, but most importantly it’s a place where anyone can come and work in peace and quiet. A desk, chair, wi-fi, printer and excellent coffee are waiting for him.

8) PolaroidLove – www.polaroidlove.cz/index.php?lan=en

After work the typical hipster goes to PolaroidLove to pick up his polaroids. Not only can you buy the most beautiful old (and fully functional!) photo cameras, but you can also borrow a camera for a certain period of time if you buy something or get your photos made here.


9) EMA espresso bar – www.emaespressobar.cz/en

At the end of the day our hipster needs a bit of a pick-me-up, so he goes to the EMA espresso bar, a relatively new coffee shop in Prague, but already well known all over the city for its excellent coffee. Everyone sits in one big room, at one table and on old creaky chairs. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll never want to leave this place!

10) Světozor – www.kinosvetozor.cz/en/

In Vodičkova street, just a few paces from Wenceslaus Square, you’ll find (apart from our Vodickova Exclusive apartments) the Světozor cinema. Not only can you buy here the best ice-cream in all of Prague, but you can also admire the lovely artsy atmosphere of old movie theatres. The movie theatres are small and as well as playing new releases, they also play old films, mostly European artsy classics. This is the ideal ending to any hipster’s day!


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