Golden Lane In The Area Of Prague Castle

Have you visited tiny houses of Prague’s Golden Lane? Bohemia Apartments Prague have prepared a short introduction and photocollection of this lovely little street you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Golden Line


It is one of the most picturesque places in Prague, where you´ll feel like in another world or in a fairy tale!  Small lane, in which, as the legend says, the emperor Rudolph´s alchymists lived and worked, was originally a place for living for castle shooters and other people, who worked in the castle. This lovely quiet place inspired many artists, one of the famous inhabitants was for example Franz Kafka.


Houses were used until the Second World War, but all the time, there were strong efforts to preserve its historical value. And what to not miss in the Golden lane? The newly opened expositions will present you, how people lived here from the 17th century. You can visit renovated homes of an prophetess, reneissance shooter, jeweller, see an old pub or homes of last occupants in the half of the 20th century. Close to the Golden lane, you can find the Daliborka tower, which was a part of the fortification and served as the prison.



Would you be able to live in small houses like that? Well, you don’t have to worry, our apartments are very spacious and full of lights and to get to see Golden Lane it’s about 20 minutes of walking. We wish you to enjoy your stay and if you are looking for and accommodation, read this: You can have a weekend in Prague for free! How? It’s very easy -> you just join our photo contest!


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