Geocaching In Prague

Are you in Prague or do you plan to go there? Do you like adventure? Then try geocaching! For those who have no idea what geocaching is we at Bohemia Apartments Prague have a brief explanation for you.


Geocaching is a treasury hunting game based on GPS coordinates. The hidden box (cache) usually contain small objects and recording list (log) where the searchers enter their names. Importantly, the boxes must be concealed so as not to accidentally found by passersby.


For fans of this famous contemporary game the Prague City Hall set up an interesting contest. If you are equipped with GPS devices (every smart phone) you can also participate. In six lesser-known gardens in Prague you will find boxes with questions and answer them. And beware – you can win some prize (drawing will be held in early March 2012) – such as tickets to the theater or to the zoo. Even if you will not participate on this game you can just look for some caches near to our Prague apartments.

The game is just beginning. Ducks – detectors – when searching caches (boxes with questions) will visit such places as Havlíčkovy orchards in Ztracenky, Brevnov Monastery, Kaizl orchards, park in front of Les Invalides and the Gočárovy homes. You should look carefully because caches are hidden from passersby.


The geocaching is suitable both to individuals and families. For description of places where caches are hidden visit the website of the Prague City Hall. The whole game will be finished on 29th February 2012. Do not hesitate and get into the game.

As we said, even if you will not participate on this game you can just look for some caches near to our Prague apartments. Here is a small example for each our residence (if you want more and there is a lot of to see, please check all Prague caches here):

Bohemia Apartments Prague Old Town: Golden Prague or Kranner Fountain

Bohemia Apartments Prague Prague Centre: Language Cache

Bohemia Apartments Prague Prague Wenceslas Square: History Of Wenceslas Square


And if you stay in Prague longer when searching for caches you can’t go wrong when you book accommodation in a luxury apartment from Bohemia Apartments Prague. We wish you good luck in the game.

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