Genuine Asian Food Finally Reached Prague

mamy food

It seems like Prague is finally starting to appreciate genuine Asian food. We have already seen a big boom of sushi some time ago. Lately, Praguers are all about real Vietnamese food such as Pho soups or Banh Mi baguettes, Korean Bibimbap or Chinese Dim Sum. The Czech style Asian food which you can usually find in places vaguely called “Chinese restaurants” is still good and Czechs will probably love their “Chicken of mysterious flavour” forever. However, it is now in Prague finally possible to get the real Asia on your plate. So get out there and explore what Prague has to offer!

Pho soupPho Soup

Vietnamese soup Pho is heading in the direction of becoming one of the Czech national dishes. You can get a really nice one in various places such as Holešovice market, Pho Vietnam restaurant in Anglická street, SAPA Asian market and many more places.

Banh MiBanh Mi

This beauty here is a Vietnamese baguette Banh Mi which took over Prague Asian food scene some time ago. Grab one in Banh Mi Ba in Rybná street or in Mr. Banh Mi in Rumunská street.

Mamy foodKorean fried chicken

There does not seem to be that big of a talk about Korean food in Prague, which is a shame. But we are getting there. Czech people start to explore the magic of Bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, or THE street food of Korea – Korean fried chicken. You can try these in Mamy food, Bibimbap Korea or Hanil Restaurant.

Dim SumChinese dumplings

And finally Chinese dumplings time! Dim Sum (or Yum Cha) is a traditional Chinese dish consisted of many types of steamed buns (or dumplings with various fillings. This tradition began thousands of years ago and is now with a slight delay getting to Prague as well. You can get it in some places in Prague such as Peking restaurant and Huang He. We also love Dim Sum pop ups hosted by Mr. Ladislav Dvořák in various restaurants and places.


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