Fish And Chips In Myslíkova Street

Visiting Prague, but Czech traditional food is not enough to explore? Hungry for other European cuisine? What about some British classic? 

Ryby and Chips bistro in Myslikova street

The Prague’s first fish & chips was established in 2013, and by that time, this restaurant was located in Dlouhá Street, very near to the Old Town Square. This restaurant does not exists anymore. But there are still some others to explore!  If you wish to taste some proper British fish and chips meal these days, go to Myslíkova Street. Ryby and Chips (“ryby” means fish in Czech) is an authentic bistro in Prague city centre where you can choose from different soups, salads, sandwiches or sea fruit. If you feel like staying in your apartment, or eating whenever else outside, Ryby and Chips provides delivery as well!

Ryby and Chips bistro in Myslíkova Street

Myslíkova street is located on a perfect spot in Prague city centre – a few minutes by walk from Vltava river, from Wenceslas Square and from our Prague apartment in Vodickova Street. The whole street started to become alive a few years ago; many new shops, restaurants and cafés popped up. Then, a new tram stop was added here and since that time, it is a very cool place to have a meal or a drink. 


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