Few Basic Tips To Protect Your Wallet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe so there is unfortunatelly also a lot of pickpockets. According to www.travelinsurance.org, Prague is on the 6th place, behind Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Athens. So what you should be aware?

Check detailed entertaining info about pickpocketing below, and also read our previous article Safety And Crime In Prague – Useful Tips.

Wallet in a back pocket

So here you have a basic but the most important info about pickpocketing:

Pickpockets use “distraction” element

1. someone drops the money in front of you

2. people begin a loud argument or a fight

3. someone grab your arm and start to talk to you

Basic tips to protect your wallet

1. Pay attention

2. Carry as little as possible

3. Don’t put anything in your back pocket

4. Wear a bag that goes across your chest

5.  Secure your bag when sitting

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