Farmers Markets

Have you already seen  enough  restaurants and  would you like to put your luxurious kitchen in  your apartment to use and cook something tasty? Would you like to try some typical czech food? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a place where everyone loves high quality ingredients and food? If your answer is yes, you should denifitely visit one of farmers markets in Prague.

They take place regularly across the whole Prague. You can basically get there everything you want. From fresh fruits and vegetables, over meat including fish, ham, cheeses of all kinds and even sweets and cakes. You can also buy ready-to-eat food, which is prepared in front of you, it usually means burgers, potato pancake and huge range of vegan (and vegetarian) meals. Besides food there is also a wide offer of drinks like fresh juices, ciders, coffee, tea and of course some alcohol like beer and wine, alternatively mulled wine , which might come in handy after wondering through market in this cold weather.

jirak dortiky
In this article you can take a look at two of the most famous market places in Prague.


Náplavka is situated on a riverside of Vltava. It is easily accesible, for example from our Prague apartments near Charles bridge, you can have a nice walk by the river (1,8km long) or hop on a subway and go to Karlovo náměstí. But you should be prepared for many people, because this marketplace is one of the most crowded places in Prague. Market takes place every saturday from 8am to 2pm. We have one older article about Náplavka in our blog, so you can checkt it, here is the Farmers’ Markets In Prague.

naplavka ze shora stanek naplavka cerstve ryby naplavka cerstve ryba naplavka 2 kvetiny naplavka kvetiny naplavka 2 kosicky naplavka stanek naplavka 2 orisky naplavka cokolady naplavka 1 cokolady naplavka 2 makronky naplavka syry naplavka nad naplavkou 2


Another perfect choice is Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad. You will go by subway to a station Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad and as soon as you get out of subway, you will find yourself in a beautiful park with magnificent church in the middle. All across the park there are a lot of stands, places where you can rest, such as benches and lasoplace useful to those with children (places where kids can bake potatoes etc.). At this marketplace you can spend a whole forenoon. You can start with breakfast, then look through stands , buy some sweets to your apartment, sit on a bench for some time, just look around and get that positive atmosphere feeling, and then eat a delicious lunch. Farmers Market on Jiřího z Poděbrad take place  every wednesday, thursday and friday from 8am to 6pm and on saturday from 8am to 2pm.

jirak trhy jirak od metra jirak opekani brambor jirak pleteni osatek jirak stanek 1 jirak stanek 2 jirak psi stanek jirak pernicky   jirak makronky jirak croissanty jirak kokosove koule jirak dyne jirak burgery

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