Famous Movies Shot In Prague

There is a big variety of movies shot in Prague. There are movies which were filmed in Prague and the story actually takes place in Prague but there is also a number of movies which were shot in Prague and you might not even realize it because they claim to be taking place somewhere else. Prague is a popular filming destination because its historic centre was not significantly damaged during the WWII and it is considered to be a cheap but impressive filming location. Be it Prague standing in for other cities or staring for itself, lets have a look on the most famous movies shot in Prague.

Mission: Impossible (1996 and 2011)

Mission: Impossible is a good example of both kinds of movies shot in Prague mentioned in the introduction. The first Mission: Impossible (1996) includes scenes with Tom Cruise performing his secret agent action in the National Museum, the Charles Bridge and the courtyards of Prague Castle. Prague looks stunning in the first film. We can’t say that about the fourth part of the saga though – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol from 2011. Prague is standing in for Moscow and Budapest here. The places you can spot here are Karlín neighbourhood and Prague Castle which is representing the Kremlin. You can walk to all of these locations from our Charles Bridge Apartment – Tom Cruise might be still around.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond is also the movie where you can spot Prague but the story is claimed to be taking place somewhere else. The opening scene is shot in Karlín in Danube House. Other scenes are filmed in the National Museum which represents a hotel lobby of a hotel in Venice, the beautiful Strahov monastery and at the airport which is representing Miami airport. The Czech spa town Karlovy Vary is also shown here and it represents Montenegro. Have a walk around Casino Royale filming locations, it is very convenient from our Vladislav Apartments.

The Danube House


XXX (2002)

This American action movie with Vin Diesel is one of the few movies where Prague was lucky enough to star for itself. Most of the story takes place in Prague. The locations used for filming are the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí), Nerudova street, Powder Tower, the Municipal House, Rudolfinum, Kampa and the Charles Bridge.

The Municipal House

The Municipal House

Van Helsing (2004)

In this successful horror movie staring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, Prague is standing in for Paris and Budapest. The Old Town Square was used for filming the first fight between Van Helsing and Mr. Hide. The unique Lesser Town (Malá Strana) is widely used in this horror movie. Kampa is representing Budapest and Dracula’s party’s venue is baroque Saint Nichola’s Church. Even a farm in the suburbs of Prague (Kunratice) was used for filming Van Helsing. It represented the village of Dracula in Transylvania.




Hellboy (2004)

Even though this American superhero film is set in the USA and Russia, the film was shot mainly around Prague. The main filming locations are the National Monument on Vítkov Hill representing the HQ of the ‘Bureau For Paranormal Research And Defense’, Ministry of Transport and Olšany Cemetery. Even though you wouldn’t recognize them under all the make-up, you can see many Czech faces in the film and the main bad guy is played by internationally known Czech actor Karel Roden.

The Vítkov Hill

The Vítkov Hill

Brothers Bloom (2008)

Brothers Bloom is an American caper comedy and you get to see Prague a lot in it as the con men brothers visit Prague. You can spot the tiny square in front of the Charles Bridge as well as the Old Town Square. The Schwarzenberg Palais is used for planning a robbery and Strahov is visibly shown in the scene when Bloom is going for a walk.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge

Amadeus (1984)

This movie by Miloš Forman, a world-renowned Czech director who emigrated to the USA during the communist regime, won eight oscars. The film was mostly shot in Prague and our stunning capital is standing in for Vienna here. The main filming ares were Hradčany and Lesser Town (Malá Strana). The Strahov Monastery is very popular with directors and it was used in Amadeus as well. We can spot the square in front of the Prague Castle and the house opposite the Castle was used as Mozart’s house in the film. The streets of Lesser Town are often shown in the movie. You can also spot the Old Town – for example the wedding and the funeral of the composer was shot in the Church of Saint Giles. The Theatre of the Estates was used for the opera scenes in the movie. In fact, Mozart actually introduced Don Giovanni in 1787 here in this very theatre.

The Lesser Town


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