Entertaining Guided Walks In Prague

Today Bohemia Apartments Prague have a really cool tip for you. What about to try a thematic guided walk in Prague?

Do you want to hear about some of Prague´s legendary spirits, emperors passion for the occult, Kafka´s ghost, Golem story, the Priestand the prostitute, Mad barber, Hairy man – the serial murderer and many more?

Guided Walk

Prague is a magical city with many hidden corners, medieval atmosphere and 1000 years of history. After knowing all consequenses of its development the look at the city changes – it is deeper and reveals many beautiful details.

PRAGUE WALKS company has been providing thematic walks around Prague for 17 years, from architecture-historical themes to specialized routes such as Ghost Tour, Communism, elegant cafes, Jazz, modern sights, Fashion, beerhalls, Jewish Quarter etc..

Charles Bridge

For the full list of tours visit www.praguewalks.com.


Do you thing it is worthy to take a guided tour in Prague? We definitely think so! Local licenced guides are ready to introduce Prague with insiders eyes, give you many personal tips and help you to make your stay unforgettable. Bohemia Apartments Prague wishes you a lot of fun with Prague walks!

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