Enjoy A Spa On A Boat Sailing Vltava River With A View Of Prague Castle

Prague Castle View

Today we have very special tip for you. What to do in Prague these cold days? For the next upcoming weeks you can relax in a spa right on a boat sailing Vltava river on Rašínovo Nábřeží (The Rašín Embankment).

Traditional Finnish sauna with a beautiful view of Prague Castle, a relaxation area, dressing room, shower, and as a bonus, an outdoor heated pool with hot water for a rest, relaxation and meditation.

The spa will be available on the embankment for several weeks, so do not hesitate, take towels and flip-flops, and come to enjoy this special event.

If you are frost-hardy you can use a cooling tub with a shower. And who dares, can directly cool in Vltava River.
You can check some boat rentals near me and have your own special evening on the water.

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