Easter In Prague


Along with the end of March comes one of the most beautiful holidays in the year – spring holidays, Easter. If you plan a trip to Czech Republic, we at Bohemia Apartments Prague highly recommend this time period! Winter has gone, nature is blossoming, parks and gardens turn green.

Easter eggs

Easter Prague is very exciting. Interesting attractions for visitors may be Easter Markets, that take place at various locations in Prague and will last until April. Let us invite you to the biggest ones – of course on the Old Town and Wenceslas Square.



The dominant of the Old Town Square will be, as every year, a high birch decorated with hundreds of colored Easter eggs. With the assistance of traditional craftsmen you can try painting eggs or weaving willow whips and other activites are symbolic for Czech Easter.

Meanwhile enjoy the lovely smell of typical food and baked cake in shape of small lamb. Market stalls will offer you Easter decoration items and typical sweets. You can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Czech Republic also on the Wenceslas Square.

If you have children with you, you can take them to the traditional Easter Market in Central Park in Kbely and let them enjoy an entertaining program competitions, magicians and animal performances.

And what are the most typical customs held in Czech Republic?

To keep every girl healthy and pretty for upcoming year, Czech men whip them with a stick plaited of willow twigs. As a gesture of thanks girls and women give them painted eggs, small chocolate and sometimes small glass of typical Czech alcohol – the slivovitz. To read more about this custom hated by all Czech women, read the article Why So Many Czech Women Hate Easter Holidays?

And because Prague is full of tourists at Easter, avoid searching for accommodation on the last moment. You can contact Bohemia Apartments Prague. We will provide you with luxury apartments, comfort and competitive rates. Do not hesitate and book Prague apartment, we look forward to seeing you!


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