Discover The Beauty Of Prague Old Town At Night

Prague is beautiful during a daytime, as we all know, but what about Prague at night? Have you ever taken a walk through the streets of Prague after nightfall? Believe us, they suddenly have a completely different character. How do we know this? We tried out the Mysterium Tour Praga so that we could tell you all about it now!


Mysterium Tour Praga offers night tours of the centre of Prague, in a darker and more mysterious atmosphere. The guides are experienced storytellers and historians and they know Prague like the back of their hand even though they all come from Italy. Because of this, the tours are available not only in English, but also in Italian and newly in French. And where they can take you?

If you choose Tour 1: The Dark Shadows Of The Old Town, you’ll set out on a mysterious walk around the Old Town Square, you’ll stroll down the dark and charming streets of the Old Town, the atmosphere of the old Jewish cemetery in Josefov will thrill and spook you. The tour ends at the Old Town’s astronomical clock. Tour 2: Esoteric Prague | Beyond The Castle’s Gate promises a walk around the Prague Castle, its courtyards and surroundings. We chose Tour 1 and we couldn’t have been more satisfied! We’re definitely going to try the second option too sometime.

Old Town Square

Our guide Andrea was a very witty, fantastic storyteller! Tales told by him were really thrilling and spooky. We especially admired the way he remembered names and dates. The whole tour was a bit bizarre because on one hand we were listening to stories from the 15th century told by a masked man with a lantern, and on the other hand we had cars and tourists driving and walking past us. It was almost as if we had gotten into a time warp. We were at one in the present and in Prague’s mysterious past. We leant loads of interesting facts, heard many fascinating stories and left with an unforgettable experience!

You can reserve a tour directly online and we sincerely recommend that you do! As far as an accommodation is concerned, the tours take place closest to our Charles Bridge apartments. From there you’ll have the night tour of Prague just a few steps away!

The Tynska Street

The Beginning Of Our Tour

Old Town Square

A Lantern

On The Tour

A Sculpture

The Most Scary House

Doppler's Born House

The Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery

The Astronomical Clock


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