Discover Prague Through The Eyes Of The Homeless Guides

Prague is a city full of historical monuments, so it’s no wonder that you’ll run into a group of tourists with a city guide on every corner! When we hear “tour guide”, history and architecture are usually the first things that pop into our minds. However, alternative city tours are becoming increasingly popular. In larger cities, you have a chance to choose from various types of tours, depending on your personal interests or groups of people you like to interact with. 

Rising popularity of alternative tours around cities created a space for a unique project started by students of Charles University in Prague. Who really knows Prague like the back of their hand, including the city’s mysteries and dark corners? Among others, those are definitely the people who had experienced living on the streets. And that is how Pragulic was born. Homeless people became the tour guides, and the project became a big success. 

Pragulic city tour. Source: Pragulic archive.

Pragulic city tour. Source: Pragulic archive.

Lot of locals as well as foreigners are keen to see Prague from such unexpected perspectives. This way they often see places where an “ordinary mortal” wouldn’t normally go. The standard length of the tour is between two and two and a half hours. A stop at thematically relevant refreshment venue can also be part of it. Pragulic city guides are people with often very different knowledge and experience, taking you to particular places they themselves know the best. 

You can choose your own city guide and time of the tour on Pragulic official website. The enterprise also offers experiences such as teambulding activities, as well as gift vouchers. 

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