A Daily Life of Prague Apartment Rentals Guest Relations Manager

If you came to Prague and used our Prague Apartment rentals services, you have probably met an important member of our team – the Guest Relations Manager. Zuzana was there if you had any problem, if you needed to fix anything, or just to give you a good advice about Prague or your Prague apartment.

We have asked her about her job and her experience with our clients.

Zuzana - Bohemia Apartments Guest Relations Manager

What do you like the most about working as the Guest Relations Manager?

Friendly guests always make my day nicer. I meet people from all around the world, I talk to various people from various cultures. That is very exciting for me. I have already made few very good friends because of my job and there are plenty of interesting places I am invited to visit and I hope I will because it would be lovely to meet some guests in their country and to see where they come from.

What is the biggest benefit this work brings to you?

I feel useful, I daily improve my ability to improvise and quickly find solutions of various problems. I have learned how to be really patient, because sometimes you meet guests that are never really satisfied. And that deepened my passion for yoga and meditation :)

Zuzana - Bohemia Apartments Guest Relations Manager

How does your day look like?

My days is very diverse. But one thing doesn’t change. My phone keeps ringing all the time :)
From dealing with basic technical problems like power cut of a heating or an air conditioning, supplying missing toilet paper to organizing transport from/to the airport, communicating with our clients before their arrival, checking apartments after cleaning, decorating Prague apartment for special event like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, delegating tasks to other members of our team, etc.
Sometimes I have midnight emergency calls, when some clients forget or lose their keys or they get drunk and forget where they stay or just get lost in the city :)

How are your clients?

Each of them is different. Some of them are very nice and friendly and sometimes of course there are guests that are very hard to satisfy. Some of them are messy or noisy, but in general we always find the compromise.

What do guests expect from you?

Well, sometimes they expect my service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with a smile on my face :) I always try to give them as much as I can and find helpful solution for their problems as fast as possible.

What do you expect from them?

When I see them happy staying with Bohemia Apartments, I am totally satisfied. Appreciation and gratitude is the best gift :)


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