Czech Food: Street Food

Our series on Czech food continues, and in this article we look at street food. Despite the presence of McDonalds and other fast food joints in Prague and beyond, local versions of street food are still popular,  evidenced by the number of kiosks on street corners.


Perhaps the most typically Czech street food is bramborák, a pancake-like concoction made with grated potato, which is fried with herbs. It can be greasy, and like all street food, we don’t recommend regular consumption, but it’s worth trying at least once.



Equally unhealthy is fried cheese (smazeny syr), a slice of Eidam fried in breadcrumbs and served in a roll (v housce) and accompanied by ketchup or tartare sauce. Unfortunately these days, the cheese is often microwaved rather than fried.

Of course, Czech street food includes the hot dog párek v rohlíku, which comes in a hollowed out bread roll, accompanied by ketchup or mustard. Larger sausages, known as klobasy, are also common and come in white form like the German. Klobasy are served with mustard or ketchup and often a slice of bread. You can find them at stands on Wenceslas Square, although the food served there is overpriced and the quality questionable.

Hot dog

Street food is available all the year round, but on special occasions, such as the Christmas holidays, you’ll find a greater range of products, e.g. more varieties of sausages or food that you don’t normally see during the rest of the year. Christmas markets, especially those outside Prague, can be a good place to sample such food, including local specialities.

Such occasions are also a good time to try langos, a disc of deep-fried batter that goes with sweet or savoury toppings. Although originating in Hungary, langos has become popular beyond it.


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