Come and Restart Yourself in Prague, We are Open!

After a long reign of silence in otherwise bustling streets of Prague, trams crowding slowly, lines stretching in a wait of ice-cream, and cutlery clinking on the terraces filled with laughter, are announcing the brighter times and summer ahead of us. We in Bohemia Apartments are also rejoicing, and looking forward to our apartments getting occupied shortly, coming back to life in the hands of their new guests. Either it was nature, Netflix or work that kept you through the most difficult coronavirus period, come now and restart yourself in picturesque Prague with us.

Family trip
Read our blog for tips and advice on trips in and around Prague with kids.
Prague as a Change for Your Family
The reasons why you’d choose a Prague visit for your upcoming trip could vary. For sure, a small change and excitement would now come handy for any family, and that is something Prague can definitely offer on every corner. Bohemia Apartments brings you various tips for families with children in Prague, as well as a list of reasons, why choose an apartment over a hotel accommodation.
Prague as an Escape from Your Family
However, if the change that you now need the most of all is a short time away from your family, no one could blame you. Come and stay with us to relax yourself on a solo trip, or bring a bunch of friends and for a while forget all the errands you left at home.
Prague as a Place to Meet Up
Maybe because of the social distancing, for a while you haven’t got to meet a person close to your heart. Make your long awaited reunion even more special, and go exploring Prague’s picturesque streets. Our Bohemia Apartments are modern, luxurious and more over, you will have everything within hand’s reach. Surely, you will not forget such reunion easily.
You will find lots of places in Prague offering quality gelato. Have you already treated yourself this season? Where to get the best one you'll find out on our blog.
Prague as a Change of Your Working Environment
Luxurious modern apartment in Harrachovsky Palace, just off Wenceslas Sq.
Do you need a change of your home-office environment? Try it out in one of our apartments. Aside from the classic tourist stays, you can book our apartments for work related purposes as well. Few days, or few months, we will gladly accommodate to your needs. Or is it only a couple of hours that you’d need to use the apartment for work, relax or business meeting? That is no problem in Bohemia Apartments.
Prague as a Gourmet Tour
City, where smell of fresh coffee and baked goods, fruit at farmer’s markets, and of course the world cuisine spreads through the streets. If you already ran out of all the ideas for home cooking, come and get inspired in the Capital, and treat yourself with something new, or perhaps something traditional and favoured.
We are looking forward to your visit!


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