#TipForDrink: Mulled Wine From Christmas Markets

It’s starting to get seriously chilly in Prague. The first winter day is very near so this is why one should take all possible measures to warm up. In Hogwarts the students drank Butterbeer, whereas Czechs all make mulled wine. Let’s find out how you can make this typical winter treat at your home.

At this time of the year you can buy mulled wine at every Christmas market. In Prague, which is famous for its Christmas markets, you can buy mulled wine practically on every corner. It’s a beverage with an intoxicating scent and it’s guaranteed to warm you up too. In short, an ideal winter drink.

Mulled Wine


What are you going to need if you want to make the mulled wine at home?

  • red wine
  • caster sugar
  • a bit of cinnamon
  • cloves

And how to make it? Pour the wine into a pot and add the cloves and cinnamon. Warm up until a white foam starts to appear on the surface. Then add the sugar and cook, constantly stirring, until a thicker foam starts to form. But be careful – the wine shouldn’t boil!


The beverage is always served hot, and traditionally in glass cups, garnished with a slice of lemon. However, at Christmas markets in Prague you’ll usually get mulled wine in a plastic cup. Never mind, it tastes good regardless and does a great job warming you up.

Are you going to try making your own mulled wine? You can try it at your home or in one of our apartments in Prague.


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