Christmas Markets in Prague

Finaly it is here. Uhh, the winter. Cold hands, cold nose, you’d better hurry run to the warm home. But there are moments when it pulls us to go out. After all, Christmas time is here. Time of a christmas shoping, forage, but also Christmas markets. Let’s take a quick look at the biggest Christmas market in Prague – the Old Town Square.

Christmas in Prague

You break through the crowds, dodging among the stalls with a lot of goods. Do you feel the aroma of pine needles? It is coming from Christmas decorations, advent wreaths and candlesticks. Never mind sometimes someone pushes you, you curiously look around, and you can choose from a wide variety of things .. bell for good luck, a fragrant candle, or rather some of the souvenirs? It breaks your head, not better jewelry?


You are progressing slowly, the eyes do not know where to look first. Or rather one of the beautiful nativity scenes? It is fresh air and you are enjoying a Christmas carol melodies and sounds from shops and stalls. Suddenly the  fragrance of warm sausages tickes your nose. You can only choose. Or do you like something sweet? Cinnamon scent awakens the taste of gingerbread, but there’s also plenty of candy smelling vanilla. What to choose? How to decide?

The frost bites hard, it certainly would not hurt to warm up internally. Do you smell it? The scent of a mulled wine and a  mead leaves just a few people walk around without noticing. And what about the taste though! You will not mind the cold.

Filled and warmed you keep walking between the stands. There is still plenty to see, is still to many things to discover. The offer is varied and has infinitely fabulous lighting. So many colors! Well, like in a fairy tale. And if you are lucky you can enjoy a snow blanket in the street. That beauty still multiplies and you feel like in the winter kingdom. Snow flakes fall quietly, the snow is crunching under your feet, bags with souvenirs in your hands, but it warms your heart. After all, you made a lot of joy for ourseves and your loved ones. Didn’t you?


Do not hesitate. Christmas markets have a long tradition and because it lasts a few weeks, enough time to visit. The largest Christmas market in Prague Old Town Square starts on 26th November and lasts untill January 1, 2012. You can shop or just enjoy the Christmas atmosphere daily from 9am to 7pm. But what would it be Christmas without a Christmas tree? Don‘t worry, it also illuminates the largest Christmas market on 26th November at 5pm.

From 27th November the Christmas market also begin on Wenceslas Square where will be lighted another Christmas tree.

Prague invites you to come and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere here. Bohemia Apartments awaits you with an offer of comfortable Prague apartments accommodation.

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