Choosing Holiday Apartment – Prague New Town vs. Old Town

When looking for accommodation, many visitors focus only Prague Old Town, but there are many benefits of accommodation in the New Town. What are the pros and cons of both quarters?

Old Town – advantages

  • Prague Old Town is very picturesque.
  • Very convenient location in the heart of Prague.
  • Many of the main attractions such as Old Town Square are located in the Old Town.
  • Lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and gift shops.
  • Lots of gift shops/antique shops.
  • Good range of hotels.
Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Old Town – disadvantages

Even if the furnishings and facilities of Old Town apartments are new and modern, there may be problems related to the age and condition of the building where your apartment is located. Many buildings in the Old Town are centuries old, and quality standards may be different from those of other countries. Problems include creaking floors, weak water pressure and the poor state of repair of communal areas. In addition, interiors can be humid, courtyards can be poorly lit at night, and gaining entry to the building, particularly at night, can be slightly inconvenient.

Other disadvantages:

  • Lots of crowds; can be noisy.
  • Lack of supermarkets, and fewer grocers’, bakeries’, convenience stores, etc. than elsewhere in Prague.
  • Lack of inexpensive restaurants.
  • Although the metro and tram routes pass through the Old Town, it’s further away from the main train station (although not too far away).
  • If you have a car, you won‘t be permitted to drive it through the Old Town because it‘s largely pedestrianised.

Many people don’t pay attention to these important issues, focusing only on the most beautiful locations. As a result, if they are in the Old Town, they are often surprised by the state of the building where they are staying. We recommend that if you’re looking for Old Town accommodation, you ask lots of questions in order to avoid disappointments and to know what to expect.

New Town – advantages

  • Although slightly further away from the key historic sights, the New Town is still very conveniently located.
  • Accommodation is more modern, which means that in terms of apartments you can usually expect  large and modern apartments of a high standard.
  • Excellent public transport (two metro stations on Wenceslas Square alone)
  • Excellent choice of shopping and entertainment venues
  • Lots of restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • Easy access to the main train station and main bus station
  • Good range of hotels.

New Town – disadvantages

  • Less picturesque than the Old Town.
  • Less centrally located, although still within walking distance of many of the main sights.
  • Lots of crowds; can be noisy.
  • Parking can be a problem if you have a car.
National Theatre

National Theatre

Where the main sights are located?

Prague Old Town

  • Astronomical Clock
  • Charles Bridge
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Karlova street (part of the Royal Way
  • Klementinum
  • Municipal House
  • Old Town Square / Týn Church / Old Town Hall
  • Powder Tower

Prague New Town

  • National Museum
  • National Theatre
  • State Opera
  • Wenceslas Square

Summing up

To help you decide, make a note of the kind of accommodation you are looking for, and whether you’d prefer a hotel or self-catering. Consider what factors you like (e.g. accessibility) and dislike (e.g. noise) when you’re living at home. Then think about what you’d like to see in Prague and where you’d like to be based. Lastly, list your priorities, but before booking ask the accommodation provider lots of questions to help you decide.

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