Book A Day Stay: Recharge, Create, Keep Your Luggage Safe For Few Comfy Hours In Prague

A Day Stay is the best solution when you visit Prague just for few hours and need a peaceful, comfortable place to rest and recharge your batteries. When you need to keep your luggage or work in a safe place. When you need spot for a photoshoot or a meeting. It means you pay less money than for the sleepover but are catered for with all our apartments’ facilities. In which situation you could find a Day Stay useful? And how to reserve it? Keep on reading to find out…

We think you could need a DAY STAY when you…

…are a parent travelling with small kids, carrying loads of bags and stuff around, wanting to have a peaceful place to let your kids roll, play and rest in while spending or waiting few hours in Prague. Our apartments are very baby-friendly, safe and VERY clean so you can let your babies play on the ground if they feel like it.

Not feeling like noisy cafés while you work in Prague?

…are a businessman or a businesswoman travelling through Prague and not spending the night there. We feel like you may find calm apartment with a lot of light and stable WiFi connection pretty useful, wouldn’t you? It is perfect when you must finish that analysis or marketing strategy and can not focus in noisy and busy cafés or restaurants.

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…look for a nice, modern and spacious place for some kind of photoshoot or creating videos. No need to rent an expensive studio, we are here for you.

Perfect for (work-related) meetings

…are seeking a spacious, creative chamber for meetings, maybe international ones. Day Stay is perfectly tailored for Prague´s appointments and co-working activities when you do not have access to offices or working environment of similar kind. Your Japanese colleagues are coming and you need a private and representative area to discuss those long-term plans? You guessed it – Bohemia Apartment Day Stay is the best option! guest awards

Where to recharge? At our place(s)…

…are anybody else who is spending not-that-much time in Prague but want his/hers oasis of peace and space to crush and recharge, leave shopping bags before continuing shopping spree or cooking a quick healthy lunch.

Day Stay

There are way more situations in which a Day Stay could come handy but we think you get our point, right?

If you find yourself in a need of a Day Stay, please be welcomed to pop a reservation here. And if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them on e-mail, phone or our social media.


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