Bohemia Apartments Support The Month Of Moustaches

What is this Movember anyway? From the beginning of November, every man and youth starts growing a moustache on his freshly shaven face and continues to grow it for 30 days. I have bought a body groomer for men, for when I shave again in about a month. Fake moustaches are not accepted – gentlemen simply should not cheat.

Finger With Moustache

And what am I going to achieve by growing a moustache?

By doing so you’re initiating a discussion of the men’s health issue. The most important part of the Movember tradition is collecting money for support of the battle against prostate and testicular cancer.

What about Movember and Prague?

Prague is also actively taking part in this event, of course, and every year the streets of Prague are seeing more and more moustaches. A large number of campaigns and discussions is taking place in Prague, namely those concerned with the prevention of the cancer that affects men often. These events will culminate on the 30th of November, with the Movember Gala Party in the club SaSazu; we probably don’t need to add that the moustaches which the gentlemen grow over the course of the month are the compulsory accessories!



We believe that supporting events such as this one is very important and we hope that you’ll take part in the Movember event in Prague! :)

There is also another condition that effects men’s life a lot. Testosterone is responsible for different vital processes, for example, stimulating muscle growth, achieving normal erectile and cognitive functions, restoring energy levels and maintaining normal bone density. So if its level is low, there are some serious consequences. The good news is that it is treatable, so you can use Mantality Health resources to improve your health. 

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