Bistro Proti Proudu


In today’s article we would like to invite you to the Bistro Proti Proudu, which you’ll find at Karlín, and we guarantee that once you step inside that restaurant, you’ll never want to leave. This restaurant truly has it’s own magic. In our opinion, in that enormous number of cafes all across Prague, it is very hard to find that right one, that chosen one, since everyone has their own set of values and demands and priorities. But in this one, you can notice number of qualities every good cafe should have:

  • Delicious Food – From sweets to salt snacks, from breakfasts to lunches and desserts, from homemade teas over tasty teas to delicious coffees, widely known all around the city, Proti Proudu will certainly provide delicious culinary experience
  • Stylish interior – Simplicity, a lot of white, beautiful bar, these are the fundamentals of this place.
  • Kind bartenders and waiters – They will always happily recommend, advise, give you a piece of their good mood and will always take a good care of you, strenghtening friendly atmosphere of this restaurant.
  • Prices – Nothing overly expensive (which cafes usually ARE in Prague), price equal to great taste and high quality ingredients.

If we still have not done enough to lure you inside this truly special place, make sure you look at the photograph gallery below, that will surely make you reserve a spot at Proti Proudu right now.

bistro1 bistro2 bistro3 bistro4 bistro5

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