Beer In Prague: The Best, The Most Interesting And The Cheapest Ones

Beer. If Czechs do something well, it is this magical, golden drink for sure. We did some research to find the best, most interesting and cheapest beer in Prague. Here are our tips. And if you want to add some restaurants, breweries or pubs, don´t hesitate to do so in the comments.

U Černého vola

Very simple, very cheap and very well-loved. It is an old school pub that is worth a visit if you fancy feeling authentic atmosphere. It has an excellent Pilsner tank beer which is probably the world´s most famous Czech beer. Some reviews also say you get “the best Kozel in Prague” but you be the judge of that. But be aware it is not loved for its food, we would suggest to pass on that. Otherwise U Černého vola is a hidden gem that won´t disappoint.

Klášterní pivovar Strahov

This place has a long history – it was firstly opened in 17th century. Since that it has been restored and reopened. The current state of craft brewery has been making people happy since 2000. It also includes restaurant and courtyard. Beer? Epic! Food? Amazing (try pork ribs). And the atmosphere? Unique and recommended. Another amazing part of this place is its staff – they make you feel welcomed from the first minute on. Overall we have nothing bad to add.


Lokál is a chain of Czech restaurants and pubs situated across Prague and Brno. It belongs to Ambiente group and we have already mentioned here. Everyone loves it there and so do we. Lokál´s fried cheese with potatoes is the guilty pleasure we love to enjoy very often. And accompanied with local tap beer? Perfect combination. Lokál´s bartenders know what they are doing. They love beer as much as they love to prepare it for you. It is not the cheapest place to get drinks and food but you have a certainty you will experience something nice.

U Kunštátů – Craft Beer In Old Prague

U Kunštátů is a popular tourist spot because it is right in the city centre. You can look forward to huge selection of beers (even some gluten free Celia ones). The wait staff is tentative, friendly and helpful with beer recommendations. Prices are on a higher side (we would compare it to UK ones). If you are a real craft beer lover and you’re not sure if you should believe tourists reviews, this a safe choice.

Galerie Piva or Pivo a párek

These places situated in Vršovice and Královské Vinohrady are both very well loved and visited by locals. Whole Prague 10 and Prague 2 comes there to satisfy thirst. You can get a lot of bottled beers (IPAs, lagers, dark ones, gluten-free ones and everything between). Also you can choose from multiple tap beer options and drink it in or outside the pub/shop (perfect in spring and summer months). Owners support smaller beer businesses and buy products from small(-ish) brewers. A pint of beer costs around 70 CZK which is more than usually outside the city centre but it is worth it.

The end of tips, start of beer-tasting. Enjoy some delicious craft beers and be sure to let us know your experience.


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