You Can´t Leave Prague Without Seeing These Beautiful Places

Take this as a Prague´s bucket list. The places you should definitely visit before you say: “Goodbye, Prague.” Check out mixture of five monumental touristy as well as not-so-touristy (but amazing) spots.

National Museum

National Museum is a true beauty. It is one of the most important buildings in Prague. It has been listed as part of its national heritage since 1962. Unfortunately it is closed from 1st to 28th of February due to operational reasons but if you come to Prague later be sure to visit. During operations you can at least admire the magnificent building from the outside. Next to Historical Building Of National Museum there is a New Building Of National Museum. The building has a very interesting history because it served at first as the Prague Stock Exchange (1938 to the arrival of the occupational forces), then as the parliament (1946–1992), radio studio (1995–2009) and at present it is has the function of a museum. Also worth a visit!

Charles Bridge and Prague´s Castle

The city of Charles Bridge and Prague´s Castle. For some Prague is just about these two places. And they are for sure wonderful. You expect it to be very busy and crowded there? You expect it right – just try to come in the morning or before noon. Or solve it very elegantly and book a stay in our Bohemia Apartments with a view over Castle and Charles Bridge like this one.


A bit of culture is always welcomed, right? DOX is a unique and worth-seeing place  not only because it belongs to private businessman (not a state institution) but also because of the mixture and quality of exhibitions. Being visited by around 80 000 people per year, tourists count for around half of it. No surprise, DOX is one of a kind. You may have seen the big airship flowing around the Instagram – to be precise it is a unique monumental architectural intervention, inspired by the elegant shapes of early twentieth-century airships on the rooftop of DOX.

The Klementinum Library

Klementinum is situated next to the Charles Bridge, right in the historical centre of Prague. Klementinum, built on area of 2 hectares, is one of the largest building complexes in Europe. It has a long and rich history and to this day is an important place of culture and knowledge. Some reviews on tripadvisor say: A trip to Prgue without seeing the library is s stupid as paying for a cinema visit if you are blind. TRUE! Klementinum is a diamond in the world of libraries. Just visit and see yourself.

Petřín Hill

Ohh, the magic you sight when you beat the hill Petřín Hill! Worth every step and breath. If you are not a fan of hills you can take a funicular. It links the Malá Strana district with the top of Petřín and regular public transport ticket is valid there. Up the hill there are many beautiful historical buildings, statues and gardens. The most visited is Petřín observation from 1891 which is 5x smaller imitation of Eiffel Tower in Paris. If you get bored from the (epic) view you can savour other entertainments like Petřín´s maze, Hungry Wall or Štefánik´s astronomical observatory. Also statues of Czech celebrities are to be found (like Karel Hynek Mácha or Jan Neruda.).

Enjoy Prague and all its glory, dear readers. And let us know what would be in your Prague´s bucket list.


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